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Bride & Groom

ID 893 5 Divorced 45 yrs old Government employed, financially independent seeks lady 35-40 for serious relationship in view of marriage

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Bride & Groom

ID 892 2 Widowed 45 yrs, Government employed, financially independent seeks lady of any nationality (Christian) willing to live in Cyprus 33-43 yrs

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ID891 5   Divorced 43 yrs self employed, financially  independent. I like traveling, sports, dining out. I seek educated lady 29-39 (Cypriot or English) with good sense of humour for long lasting relationship

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Bride & Groom

ID890 -2 CY  Separated - divorce is coming soon- 39 yrs Government empl. financially excellent. Interests: Traveling, gym, beaches, gardening. I am interested in an honest, slim charming educated lady 28-35 yrs for short relationship and marriage   CASE CLOSED

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Bride & Groom

ID889-2 CY Single male 41 yrs, Government empl.1.84 H 72kg. Seeks lady English or Cypriot 35-40 for serious relationship in view of  marriage.



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ID 888-4 Single British citizen, born by Greek Cypriots parents. Studied in UK, company director 182H 90W with blue eyes and pleasant character. Likes gym, the sea, loves Cyprus and the people. Shortly moving permanently in Cyprus. Financially excellent. Seeks family oriented Cypriot lady 26-39 yrs for serious relationship in view of marriage

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Bride & Groom

ID885Single Government Employed University educated 1.82/65 kg. Interests. Music, reading, cinema, dancing. Seeks lady 20-28 with similar interests. Must have good sense of humour, positive thinker, honest, and must respect the people ever if they have different ideas.

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ID884 Single 36 yrs Architect & Civil Engineers, director of his own company, financially excellent. Interests: Arts, Painting Theatre. Seeks attractive lady 25 to 35 yrs. Educated with an interest in arts. must be slim, tall 1.70 + Must be socially educated Must be marriage minded, clever and serious

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Bride & Groom

ID882. British citizen, Cyprus resident, 60 yrs old. I seek a lady  while I am still young enough to enjoy it. She must be young in heart and fun loving, with good sense of humour & taste for adventure up to 65yrs

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Bride & Groom

ID879 British citizen 61 yrs widowed, lives 6 months in Cyprus, 6 months in UK. financially excellent. Enjoys good music, cooking at home. Likes football, golf, motoring gardening, loves grandchildren. Seeks loving lady 48-62 for life partner. Contact Profile   account closed


 ID 876 British citizen, Cyprus resident 62 yrs Widowed very good financially, No children obligations. seeks lady 48-58 for long relationship and marriage

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 ID875CY I am a  Cypriot who speaks English and Turkish. I want peace in our country. I want to have a partner who thinks like me. I love the sea, I have a boat under the name IRINI = peace, and I love fishing



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ID873. I am British citizen, Cyprus resident 59 yrs very easy going relaxed and open minded. I do not ask for much in life and am satisfied with small things.  I enjoy outdoor life and like to be with nature -walking, rambling, hashing in the countryside, mountains or beach. I seek lady 40- 53 with similar interests for partner life.

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Bride & Groom

ID870 British citizen Psychiatrist, 60, shortly moving to live permanently in Cyprus. I like fishing, swimming, jogging and want to learn sailing.  I am looking for an attractive over 45-50 yrs old financially independent lady, non smoker, good cook, cool headed, caring faithful and honest  lady for life long relationship 

See ID 1070


D862CY Single Cypriot 37 yrs University educated Government Employed. In my job I do a lot of traveling out of Cyprus. Interests: sports, swimming Surfing, I spend all my week ends with my boat. I love fishing . I seek Cypriot or English lady who is willing to join me in this kind of life. Marriage is the next step 

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Bride & Groom

ID860CY Divorced Cypriot 55 yrs with own business, financially independent, no children obligations. Likes travelling, going to the beach summers & winter, love sports seeks, hones lady 35-45 with similar interests. CLOSED



ID 859CY Divorced Cypriot 45 yrs , university education, Government employed, financially independent, seeks educated lady 31-38 yrs,  for relationship and probably marriage.

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ID854CY Single Cypriot 29yrs, private empl. Higher education 1.85 H, 72 W seeks young lady from 20 yrs old for short relationship and marriage.

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ID852 British citizen, Cyprus resident, 58 yrs old, retired, good financial situation, Interests: History, literature, wild life, pets. Seeks lady Cypriot, English 43- 55 for life partner to live at Paphos area in my own stone house

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Bride & Groom

ID851 Single male, University educations (MBA in marketing)  Interests: Chess, Reading, music. Seeks lady Cypriot, English, Greek, for short relationship and marriage.

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Bride & Groom

ID849 Divorced 50 yrs, lives in Cyprus permanently. He is a musician, and repairer of musical instruments. He has a good job and financially is good. Seeks lady 35-45-50  yrs old for life partner.

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ID839.English Professional gentleman: Semi retired, tall, active, sporty, caring, romantic ex Army officer seeking n/s slim, intelligent, elegant, active, sporty, attractive lady 35-55 to share his quality lifestyle and interests including  music , dancing, sport countryside pursuits and all the finer things in life     CLOSED

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Bride & Groom

ID838 British citizen, Cyprus resident 41 yrs, single male, slim, tall with blue eyes. Lives in Cyprus, self employed, financially independent. He loves gym, sports, football. Seeks marriage minded lady Cypriot or European 25-45 yrs old for short relationship and marriage

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