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ID.777R. Divorced male 40 yrs old Certified Accountant, operating his own Audit Company, seeks intelligent female from 30-40 yrs old. Contact



661 yrs from Larnaka self employed, without children obligation seeks warm and loving lady from 50-55 yrs old. Contact



FR 628: Russian  male 58 years. Lives in Cyprus. He is widowed has not children obligations he is mechanic. Seeks lady from 50-60 yrs ContactBride & Groom



ID 621.Χήρος 65 χρονών ευκατάστατος χωρίς υποχρεώσεις παιδιών. Ενδιαφέρεται για σύντομη γνωριμία γάμου με κυρία από 55-60 χρονώνBride & Groom

ID 621. Widowed male 65 yrs self employed, very good financially, seeks lady 55-60 yrs for short relationship and marriage. Contac ACCOUNT CLOSED


Bride & Groom

ID831TR10/30 Single male 27 yrs old, college education, private employ seeks female 27-29 for life partner.

Contact Profile ACCOUNT CLOSED


  Bride & Groom

ID830 TR10 I am a 35 year old Greek Cypriot who speaks  very fluent Greek French and English. I am a managing director of a UK based company having spent much of my time traveling  and working in Italy and France for the past five years. I am based in London but travel to Cyprus a couple of times a month as I am looking to return home soon. I would like to meet someone genuine and warm  with a sense of humour and who likes traveling with a view to having a fun time together and eventually a great marriage and family. A sense of humour is essential. I will be back out on the 1st of August.

.ContacProfile  CLOSED


Bride & Groom

D823. British Citizen, shortly moving to Cyprus for permanent living. company director, 60 yrs old very healthy and active seeks Cypriot or Asian, or Iranian lady for life partner.

Contact Profile   ACCOUNT CLOSED


Bride & Groom

ID822. Cypriot, single 43, teacher of high school. University education excellent financially. Interests: Ski, swimming, climbing, sports. Seeks lady 33-40 (single, divorced, widowed can be accepted) for short relationship and marriage. Contact Profile ACCOUNT CLOSED


Bride & Groom

ID818. British citizen, Cyprus resident, university educated, retired , 71 yrs young in heart and healthy and very active. I love real music, taverna, and I am looking for a partner to share life with.

Contact   Profile:  closed


Bride & Groom

ID817 Single 47 yrs from London university educated,, enjoys going to the gym, swimming, chess, playing pool and long walks and interest in spiritual matters. Seeks educated female with similar interests for life partner Contact Profile ACCOUNT CLOSED

Account closed  20/11/2014


Bride & Groom

ID814  The gentleman  is British citizen and  lives in Cyprus since February 2004. He is a professional in known famous industries and works in one of them, -the largest in the world- Until now he has failed to meet anyone  that he could class a suitable as a long term partner. He noticed in our ads in the local press that Proxenitis Dating Services is a good place for him and he requested us to make our members aware that he is available. He is 53 years old but very active and young in heart. He loves beaches and the outdoors in general. He does not smoke.

 Contact profile Case closed


Bride & Groom

ID815. Cypriot widowed male 52 yrs, University education. Occupied in Graphic designs & Transcendental Meditation (Instructor). Loves New classical music, some rock, candle lit dinners, talk. Seeks lady over 42 yrs to try forming a happy relation and probably marriage.

 Contact: Profile  Case closed


Bride & Groom 

ID808 Divorced male 39, British citizen, Cyprus resident, mechanic with own business. Financially independent. He is slim and looks at least 10 yrs younger. He loves family and children. Seeks loving lady 28-38 British or Cypriot for an everlasting relationship. Single, divorced or widowed and with children can be  accepted.    



 PHOTO in Profile page

ID798 PP10. Divorced 44 Cypriot businessman, financially independent, seeks lady 28-38 educated, honest, preferably Russian, for relationship and marriage

Contact  Profile



ID797 pp10 . Divorced 52 yrs, British citizen, Cyprus resident, managing director of his own flourishing company. Financially independent, no children. Likes sports, loves flying, walking. seeks loving lady to share life together

   See ID 1342


Bride & Groom

Id 796.PP10 Widower,53 yrs old, British citizen Cyprus  resident, Property owner in Cyprus, property owner in Uk. He is interested to meet a beautiful  Philippine lady for serious relationship  and probably marriage Must be 35-40 and willing  to live in in Paphos CASE CLOSED


Bride & Groom

ID793 FR10  Divorced businessman 40 yrs old from Larnaka. Financially very independent, seeks lady from Nicosia 25-35. Single, divorced, widowed with one child accepted.

 Account closed 20/11/2014


Bride & Groom

ID 792. Divorced male 55 financially independent. seeks lady 30-35 for relationship and marriage.

Contact CLOSED


Bride & Groom

ID791. Single male 39 University education, seeks lady from 28-36 for serious relationship and marriage.



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